Talentize are an entirely new generation HR Consulting business based in Dubai, UAE.

Our unique portfolio of services, solutions & collaborations are all designed to revolutionise the way organisations optimise their Talent & Human Capital.

We love simplicity and only focus on critical interventions that we know will have a tangible impact on either business performance or HR capability; 

  • Innovation – Eureka! Talentize have researched & established collaborations with some of the world’s most exciting HR Innovators – enabling our clients to quickly identify & implement ‘leading edge’ solutions to ‘people based’ business problems
  • Insight – Humetrics Our Humetrics solutions have been designed to empower smarter business decisions, through creation, visualisation, interpretation & application of world class Multi-Dimensional HR analytics
  • Intelligence – Augment - We are passionate about driving incremental improvements in HR Competence & Capability – and work with partners to diagnose & equip HR Professionals with the skills they really need to impact business performance

Talentize [VERB] – “Endeavours of an individual or organisation to demonstrate more talent & skill than their competitors; optimising business results through superior people performance” 

Our Mission: Changing the world of work through Talent ‘Innovation, Insight & Intelligence’